Mobotron DM-700V



Car Dashboard Holder Mount
for 5-12″ Smart Phones and Tablets

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Mobotron DM-700V Car Dashboard Mount
Dashboard-Mount + Universal adjustable Holder for Full-Range Tablet PCs and Large Smart Phones.

Mobotron DM-700V is a Dashboard tablet/smartphone holder, which can perfectly secure electronic devices between 5~12” to a vehicle dashboard. The adhesive 3M-Sticker Disc provides the best holding base for the Sticky Suction Cup. The Sticky Suction Cup secures your device in place and can be removed easily without leaving any residual. The length/width of the device holder can be adjusted to fit most of the iPad/Tablet/Smartphone in the current market.

For Smart Phones (5″ and above): Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.
For Tablets (up to 12″): Apple iPad (All Generations), Sansumg Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle, Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface, etc.
**For Apple iPhone 5: The Height of iPhone 5 is less than 5″ (4.87″ only). To hold an iPhone 5, a case or cover is required.

Technical Details

  • “3M-Sticker Disc” creates smooth surface for suction cup to attach.
  • The “Sticky Suction Cup” can be installed/removed easily. It maintains original adhesion by rinsing with water and air drying.
  • Ball-extender that can push the tablet holder forward/backward.
  • Two adjustable legs support different types of dashboards with various curves.
  • Device holder is adjustable to fit devices between 5~12”. The holder pops up with just a finger push.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in