Universal Tablet Stand

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MH-201 Universal Tablet Stand
The Mobotron MH-201 is a durable, ergonomic, universal tablet holder. You can walk around with it in your hand, place it on your desk, hang it from a wall, or even the back of a seat. The 360° rotation and 180° handle tilt allows the screen to be viewed from the perfect angle on almost any surface. Flip the handle sideways and it’s instantly a convenient grip for transport. The MH-201’s durable design can help protect the sides of your tablet while giving you full access to all device buttons and ports.

Device size: Fits all iPads & Most 6.5”~10” Tablets

1.Universal tablet holder allows 360° tablet rotation and 180° handle tilt
2.Ergonomic and easy to hold in your hand
3.Easy to attach and detach
4.Lightweight and portable
5.Can hang tablet stand anywhere from the handle
6.Easily mounts to the back of a car headrest
7.Handle is made of a nonskid rubber
8.Detachable holder is compatible with most other Mobotron indoor series products

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 5 in