Mobotron Adjustable Clamp-on Mounting Base
for Universal Laptop Mounts

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Mobotron CC105 Adjustable Clamp-on Mounting Base for Universal Laptop Mounts:
The adjustable Clamp-on mounting base allows you to set up your notebooks, laptops, iPad, anytime and anywhere.
The Adjustable mounting base can perfectly fit all kinds of tables, desks, even bad frames in different thicknesses.
This Convenient Mounting Base lets you to use our MS 426 or 526 mounting system not only in your car, but almost wherever you want
—- whether it’s in your office, at your work station,next to your bed, or even bathrooms!


  1. Adjustable Clamp-on design: Fits different thickness of desks and tables ranging from 8 mm to 7.2 cm or 0.27 inch to 2.83 inch
  2. Rubber padding: Protect table surface from damage/scratch
  3. Fits all Mobotron Car Truck Laptop Mounts: MS-525F, MS-524, MS-526, MS-426 and MS-424

This accessory comes only with the clamp-on base; the plastic tray and rack is NOT included!!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in