Frequently Asked Questions

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TOP Questions:

Q1. Can I pay by Credit Card without using/having PayPal Account?

Yes, PayPal Account is not required to finish the transcation of your order.
PayPal is just the payment processor.
Click Here to see how to make a payment without a PayPal Account.

Q.2 What is a Seat Bolt?

“Seat Bolt” is like a screw to mount the seat on the floor of your car.
A Seat Bolt (as like the picture on the right) is required to install our
MS-526 Heavy-Duty Car / Truck Laptop Mounting System,
MS-426 Standard Car Laptop Mounting System,
and MS-323PB Small Devices Mounting System.

Q.3 What is your shipping policy?

Ans: Please refer to our Shipping Information Page.

Q.4 How to install Mobotron Laptop Stand?

Ans: You can download the User Manual for Mobotron MS-526, MS-426.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.