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Fantasma OWL On-wheel Lighting/Image System
2nd Generation

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Fantasma OWL On-wheel Lighting/Image System 17″
2nd Generation! Brand New Design!

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Product Description
Fantasma Owl is the revolutionary LED wheel lighting system that utilizing our Patented Universal Wheel Mounting System,
which fits to center holes of most alloy wheels of center-cap/lip design and clamp firmly with front mounting base onto the wheel face for OWL unit to seat on with security screws.

*This listing is one unit for one wheel, includes 1 remote control, LED lighting kit, Mounting kits, Image designer CD-ROM, User Manual, and installation kit.

1. Patented extendable 3-Arm Fixer that fits most center holes of alloy wheels.
2. LED mechanism with adjustable sensor that can be moved in vertical or horizontal way.
3. Two Super Magnets will be included. The magnet should be attached to the wheel brake caliper, everytime the sensor on the turning wheel passes over the magenet, the OWL system is synchronized to produce series of static or animated visual images.
4. One remote control will be included to allow user to turn On/Off the OWL unit from inside a moving car or outside a parked car any time as you like.
5. The “OWL Image Designer Software” CD-Disc will be included that allows user to edit all kinds of preferred photos/images from computer and upload those into OWL’s CPU to display and update images unlimited.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 6 in